Dream World

It drives me crazy that I’ll never see any of the beautiful pictures I take in my dreams.

I have a strange feeling that somehow, somewhere, they do really exist.


Copyright Aditi. All rights reserved.


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16 Responses to Dream World

  1. Ada says:

    Beautiful thought and dreamy view !

  2. scifihammy says:

    Maybe they do exist, in another universe, and in your sleep you tap into them 🙂
    It’s like sometimes I dream I am composing the most beautiful music, but when I wake up I can’t remember any of it! 🙂
    Love the mist you captured here. 🙂

  3. Yes!! Such a wonderful revelation 🙂

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  5. I love this thought — very evocative.

  6. That’s an interesting thought.

  7. In my dreams I’m always in the most stunning unique places and my camera doesn’t work properly… I love the idea that these places might exist somewhere else…

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