Halloween Stew

This is a somewhat nervously inclined dish, with some of the ingredients prone to escape…

The antidote must be taken max. 1 hour after eating.

Happy Halloween.

Photo and text by Aditix. All rights reserved.


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12 Responses to Halloween Stew

  1. Laura says:

    Happy Halloween!

  2. mukul chand says:

    Great pic and interesting post

  3. DG MARYOGA says:

    Tehe … What an Allhalloween dish,Aditix Dear!I’d love to have the recipe too!Enjoy it and Have a Fun Halloween,dear friend 🙂 ❤ xxx

    • Aditix says:

      Haha, I am not sure this food is quite safe to eat, so I’ll keep the recipe secret. Thank you dear Doda and I hope you will have lots of fun this Halloween weekend. 🙂 ❤

  4. Olga says:

    Love it! Scary stew.

  5. Parul Thakur says:

    Spooky! Good one! Happy Halloween!

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