Haunted House

Are you sure you want to come in?
There is still time for you to turn back
I don`t get many visitors here
Good, welcome to my shack.

I will serve you some herbal tea
It will make you feel funny and light
I will tell you a thrilling story
Which will keep you awake all night


Copyright Aditix. All rights reserved.


Don`t fear the growls from the cellar
Have some wild mushrooms stew
Remember to say a prayer
So it agrees with you

Be nice to the bats in the bathroom
They may get angry and bite
Try not to look in the bathtub
– it`s a disturbing sight

Why are you so jumpy, guest?
What do you mean? What bone?
“Shadow, you silly beast
Leave that shoulder alone!”


Copyright Aditix. All rights reserved.


Others get also uneasy
This house gives many a fright
For some mysterious reason
Nothing here ever feels right

Goodbye, you will be home soon
It`s only a few miles drive
I used to get scared too
When I was still alive…

Copyright Aditix. All rights reserved.



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4 Responses to Haunted House

  1. Liz says:

    I am not so sure I want to come in, but i do love herbal tea and I don’t mind feeling funny and light but I do fear growls from the cellar and bats from the bathroom so maybe not a good idea to come in…Happy Halloween.

  2. Aditix says:

    Thank you, I hope you had a great Halloween. Bats are cute, they have just been misunderstood… Happy Sunday. 🙂

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