Snow Storm Scene


This picture was taken during a snow storm, though you couldn`t guess it just by looking at it. It looks surprisingly peaceful and serene.

The weather was so bad that as soon as I got out, I regretted that.

It was impossible to stay outside for more than a few minutes at a time and I had to seek shelter in various stores.

Large amounts of snow were being blown sideways and that`s why the trees are covered in snow in this special way – on their sides.

Of course, the snow was doing the same to everything else as to the trees, including my face and the rest of me. That`s why it was difficult to stay outside at that time.


Copyright Aditix. All rights reserved.


I didn`t think it was possible to get a decent picture in such conditions but I do like this one.

Which reminds me that it`s good to give everything a fair chance, even if it looks hopeless at first…



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2 Responses to Snow Storm Scene

  1. mv71 says:

    glad you braved the element and got this fantastic shot

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