Far North, beyond Boreas (the North wind) there was a mythical land called Hyperborea  –  the kingdom of god Apollo. 

It was a paradise, a magical and breathtakingly beautiful realm, where people were happy and lived long and never got old or ill. There were no wars there and nobody had to work.


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Its kings were the descendants of the god of North wind  –  Boreas and the goddess of snow  –  Chione.

And because this amazing land belonged to Apollo, who was the god of prophecy, many of the inhabitants were great prophets.


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Most of the country was covered with wild forests and to the South of it lay Pterophoros  –  the land of eternal winter.

Nobody knew exactly where Hyperborea was, except that it was somewhere in the Northern Europe. Since ancient times many have searched in vain for that happy and mysterious place.


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Sometimes, when I am admiring the stunning beauty of the Scandinavian winter, I can see the glimpses of that magical lost paradise from Greek mythology.

And I am always reminded that true paradise can only be found within and that the outer world can only mirror it.

That`s why every paradise has always been so elusive.

Have a blissful new week.



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2 Responses to Hyperborea

  1. Lee A Jackson says:

    Simply beautiful. Breathtaking shots of tranquility!

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