Car Crash


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I was walking along the street taking pictures of the autumnal scenery around me, when all of a sudden I heard a very loud bang right behind me. It sounded like crushing of a huge pile of metal and glass and the noise was really big.

I turned around and instinctively took several quick steps back. A badly damaged car was spinning out of control until it turned in the opposite direction to where it had been going and the next moment it was sliding straight at me. There was just a narrow lawn area between me and the car and I didn`t know whether the small curb will be enough to stop it. The other vehicle was not stopped by it and did slide off the road.  Fortunately, on my side it was enough and the car stopped.


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Some liquids were pouring out of the wreckage, creating several growing puddles all around it, reddish, clear and black. 

People were getting out of the damaged vehicles, and the onlookers were starting to gather around, most of them talking on their mobile phones. The people from the crushed cars looked all right . Then a girl run out of one of the cars, holding her head. She looked all right, but very scared.

She is on far right in the picture below. 

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She sat down on the lawn, holding her head and very upset. People were coming to her, talking to her and comforting her. 

At the time of the crash I was standing in that shadow of a tree in the picture below. If the car on my side hadn`t been stopped by the road curb, I don`t think I would have enough time to get away  –  it was sliding very quickly.


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About five minutes after the crash the ambulance arrived. I don`t know how they could be that quick on this particular occasion, it was as if they had been waiting just around the corner. A couple of minutes later came the firefighters, they were quick too. The police came last, after everybody else.


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The ambulance personnel were talking to the girl on the lawn (who still had her head in her hands) and to the other people from the cars. The road was now closed and the situation looked under control, so I left. I was tired and still had a lot to do that afternoon. 

I was about to enter the supermarket to shop some groceries, but I couldn`t get the picture of that scared girl out of my head for some reason. Was she only scared? Why was she sitting on that grass holding her head for so long? In the end I decided to return to the crash scene – about half an hour after I left.


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When I approached I saw her walking towards the policeman and handing him a piece of paper with some written information. She looked fine and relieved. She even had a little, cautious smile on her face. The scare was over. I realized that she looked on the outside exactly how I felt on the inside –  relieved and happy.

Such a big crash and everybody was all right.

It was probably because it all happened on my watch 😉



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5 Responses to Car Crash

  1. I am glad everyone was okay after that. We have been shaken because our son was hit by another car two times in three weeks. Both times the car was totaled. It is a little hard to look at photos of car crashes right now!

  2. Oh Aditix….you know what touched me most about this whole post? The fact that the image of that girl holding her head didn’t leave you and that you went back to check up on her. I am moved by your sense of compassion. You went back. I shall remember that for a very long time. And you know what, I share the same exact sentiment with you – “On my watch, nobody gets hungry, hurt or ever goes away empty-handed”. Not on my watch. Glad you’re fine and that you were there. Much love to you, Sharon

  3. Aditix says:

    Lol, I am a bit embarrassed by this, so I usually hide it, but yes – I am a “softie”. I cry easily too.
    As for what happens on our watch, I have a feeling that if the two of us just continue to watch over this world, everything will be all right with it, haha. Don`t you think so Sharon? 😉

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