Balcony Herbs


A couple of pictures of my balcony herbs today.

Herbs are my favourite plants and I always choose them over typical cultivated flowers for my little balcony garden. They combine the beauty of flowers with usefulness of vegetables and they can be used in so many ways. They are the best “wellness plants” and can be used as food, spices, medicine and cosmetics.

Most herbs have wonderful fragrance and many are used in perfumes, incense and potpourri.


Lavender, rosemary and thyme in this corner. Lavender is treasured for its beautiful smell and much used in soaps, perfumes, incense etc. Placed under the pillow it often helps with sleep problems. Rosemary and thyme are very good in marinades, sauces, as spices for all kinds of meats and in pea soup. Thyme is also a cherished medicinal plant and makes a good and healthy cup of tea.

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Peppermint and oregano. Peppermint is much used in sweets and desserts and also as medicinal plant. Just like thyme it makes very good and healthy tea and can be very helpful for upset stomach and nausea. Oregano is of course mandatory in pizza and many other Italian foods, but it is also very good in salads dressings, marinades, sauces and as spice for meats.

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All these herbs are safe if used in moderation, for example one cup of thyme tea or peppermint tea daily is usually fine (but if one has specific health problems or takes medicines, I`d check with the doctor to make sure).



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2 Responses to Balcony Herbs

  1. What a thriving herb garden you’ve got there Aditix! Lovely! Sharon

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