Happy Summer 2012




Tomorrow at 23.09 UT is the Solstice and the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here, in this part of the world people celebrate it with grill parties and bonfires.


The time around the June Solstice and the St. John`s Night, which comes just a few days later is considered magical and a bit spooky too. It is the time when  –  according to ancient traditions  –  the veil between worlds is lifted aside.  And if this happens, it`s not easy to predict the outcome.

Dimensions are overlapping, stargates appearing out of nowhere and both people and all kinds of other beings can suddenly be transported from one realm to another. If you are not carefull, you may find yourself in a place where GPS and all other navigation systems are quite useless…

Witches, trolls, ogres and many other fantasy creatures come out of their hiding places and engage in wild celebrations of their own.


Have a great Solstice.



Copyright Aditix. All rights reserved.



Copyright Aditix. All rights reserved.



Wishing everybody a beautiful, special and very happy summer 2012 (and equally great winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere).


P.S.  Watch out for the witches, who will be flying low on their way to the Sabbath tomorrow.




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3 Responses to Happy Summer 2012

  1. Happy Midsummer to you Aditix! Stunning view and my favourite flowers lupins! Sharon

  2. Beautiful photography! Happy Summer 2012 to you also!

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